Service department

ENGLISH’S TRAILERS is committed in providing you with a professional experience and putting forward its expertise to your advantage by ensuring long lasting repairs that respect the best practices of the industry.

Whether you are seeking an inspection or repair, due to normal wear or an accident, or looking to have an accessory or equipment installed, our team’s mission is to offer you an outstanding and fast service at the best prices.

An annual inspection is strongly recommended for your Trailer, RV or Trailer Tent. Including:

  • Lubrication of wheel bearings, hinges and jack
  • Cleaning and adjustment of the brakes
  • Examination the lighting for light system
  • Complete ascertainment of the condition of the frame.

Our field of operation is divided into several activities such as:

  • Trailer Sale and Rental (see Rental tab for details)
  • Windshield Repair (see Windshield tab for details)
  • Rust Proofing for Trailers
  • Sale, Installation and Repair of Snow Removal and Truck Equipment
  • Installation of Trailer Hitches, Wire and Electricity, Brake Controls
  • Installation of Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck
  • Complete Trailer Repair: Mechanical, Structural and Body
  • Repair for RV and trailer tents : Structural and Body (only)
  • Replacement of the axles, Suspension and Brakes
  • Installation of accessories such as anchor rings, E-Tracks, tires, ladder racks etc.