Trailer & light truck repair

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A trailer rental at English’s Trailers is a safe and affordable turnkey solution, whatever your needs. Our fleet of trailers is subject, several times a year, to a rigorous inspection right here in our workshop because the safety and satisfaction of our customers is a priority.

Come meet us or call our department to find out more about our service and rates.Book a trailer with us today!



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Financial solutions are there to also provides working capital protection while providing you with certain fiscal benefits.We offer to individuals, self-employed and businesses a complete financing service for the purchase of your brand new trailer or equipment.

We are in contact with many renowned financial partners across Canada. Also, our partnership with recognized financial institutions allows us to offer you financing at advantageous rates all within a flexible format reflecting your needs and expectations.

Come meet us or contact us to discuss your needs in order to come up with the perfect financing plan for you.


Used trailers

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Sales & Buybacks

All you have to do is show up with your trailer to meet with our appraiser. He will then proceed, in your presence, to evaluation your trailer. The evaluation should only take a few minutes.

In addition, once we have completed the evaluation, you can decide to sell us your trailer, without having to buy a new one from our very large inventory.

All of our used trailers are inspected on site by our experts. Our sales advisory team will make sure you leave satisfied with your transaction. If you are looking for a new trailer and want to exchange your used trailer, our first priority is to help you find the trailer that will meet all your needs while respecting your budget.

Contact us to find out about our used inventory of the day because a good used trailer is a rarity and sells quickly!


*** Photos of used trailers as an example only ***


Normand Meloche

Did you know that English’s Trailers can also handle all of your vehicles, whether it is a trailer, car or even a truck. Our anti-rust treatment can be applied at all times regardless of the season, for the same proven effectiveness.

Do you own a used vehicle already rusted? Our treatment is ideal for you because it stabilizes the existing rust and greatly slows its progress. In Ontario, the main causes of rust formation are: salt and calcium, atmospheric pollution without forgetting the sudden changes in temperatures which we cannot escape.

Corrosion is a major problem that affects all of our rolling vehicles. It begins by first appearing in a microscopic form, invisible to the naked eye, and when it does surface, it is often too late. If the water disappears quickly from the steel, rust does not have time to develop. But if the metal retains moisture, it will rust.

If you have your trailer, car or van treated within the first year of purchase, rust is less likely to attack it.

Our difficult climate means that most rust protectors lose their effectiveness after a year. This is why we recommend, in order to ensure optimal protection, an anti-rust treatment every year.

English’s Trailers is your trusted supplier when you’re thinking about rustproofing. Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our technicians.